non-Archimedean property

non-Archimedean property

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  • Archimedean property — In abstract algebra and analysis, the Archimedean property, named after the ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes of Syracuse, is a property held by some ordered or normed groups, fields, and other algebraic structures. Roughly speaking, it is… …   Wikipedia

  • Non-Archimedean ordered field — In mathematics, a non Archimedean ordered field is an ordered field that does not satisfy the Archimedean property. Examples are the Levi Civita field, the hyperreal numbers, the surreal numbers, the Dehn field, and the field of rational… …   Wikipedia

  • Non-Archimedean — In mathematics and physics, non Archimedean refers to something without the Archimedean property. This includes: Ultrametric space notably, p adic numbers Non Archimedean ordered field, namely: Levi Civita field Hyperreal numbers Surreal numbers… …   Wikipedia

  • Archimedean field — In mathematics, an Archimedean field is an ordered field with the Archimedean property, named after the ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes of Syracuse.In an ordered field F we can define the absolute value of an element x in F in the usual… …   Wikipedia

  • Archimedean group — In abstract algebra, a branch of mathematics, an Archimedean group is an algebraic structure consisting of a set together with a binary operation and binary relation satisfying certain axioms detailed below. We can also say that an Archimedean… …   Wikipedia

  • Non-standard analysis — Abraham Robinson Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz argued tha …   Wikipedia

  • Algebraic number field — In mathematics, an algebraic number field (or simply number field) F is a finite (and hence algebraic) field extension of the field of rational numbers Q. Thus F is a field that contains Q and has finite dimension when considered as a vector… …   Wikipedia

  • Gelfand pair — In mathematics, the expression Gelfand pair refers to a pair ( G ,  K ) consisting of a group G and a subgroup K that satisfies a certain property on restricted representations.When G is a finite group the simplest definition is, roughly speaking …   Wikipedia

  • Real closed field — In mathematics, a real closed field is a field F in which any of the following equivalent conditions are true:#There is a total order on F making it an ordered field such that, in this ordering, every positive element of F is a square in F and… …   Wikipedia

  • 0.999... — In mathematics, the repeating decimal 0.999... (which may also be written as 0.9, , 0.(9), or as 0. followed by any number of 9s in the repeating decimal) denotes a real number that can be shown to be the number one. In other words, the symbols 0 …   Wikipedia

  • Surreal number — In mathematics, the surreal number system is an arithmetic continuum containing the real numbers as well as infinite and infinitesimal numbers, respectively larger or smaller in absolute value than any positive real number. The surreals share… …   Wikipedia

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